How to Check if Your Motherboard Supports a Processor



In this guide, we'll go over a few methods for determining if your motherboard supports a specific processor.

Note for those installing LGA 771 Xeons into an LGA 775 motherboard

This guide will only help you figure out what LGA 775 processors are compatible with your motherboard. Once you know this, you can use the information in the LGA 771 to 775 motherboard compatibility guide to figure out what similar LGA 771 Xeons are compatible with your motherboard.

Things you'll need

  • The CPU model number and stepping (how to get the stepping)
  • Your motherboard model number (and revision if it has one). This should be printed on the motherboard, or you can get it through software with CPU-Z (this info should be in the Mainboard tab).

Important things to watch out for

  • You should always install the latest BIOS for your motherboard before attempting a CPU upgrade.
  • Some motherboards don't support all steppings of a processor.
  • Some motherboards have multiple revisions, and they may not support the same processors.
  • Prebuilt computers (like Dell) sometimes use different motherboards (depending on what parts come with the system), and the motherboards may not support the same processors, so you'll need to figure out which motherboard you have.

Method 1 - Check if your motherboard has a CPU support list

The best way to determine if a processor is supported is to check if your motherboard manufacturer maintains a cpu support list. The cpu support list will tell which processor model numbers (and steppings) are supported by each bios version.

For example, if you have an ASUS P5K motherboard, you can find the cpu support list by searching google for: "asus p5k cpu support". This list is also usually linked to from the support/drivers page for your motherboard.

If your can't find the official cpu support list, try searching for your motherboard's model number on They maintain a processor support list for many motherboards.

Method 2 - Search for others with your motherboard that are also using the processor

Note: This method isn't guaranteed to work unless you also verify their motherboard revision and CPU stepping is identical to yours, but it will probably work in most cases.

Try searching for your motherboard's model number and the model number of the processor you want to install. It's also probably a good idea to include your motherboard revision and CPU stepping in the search. This will often turn up other people that installed this processor on your motherboard, and you may be able to tell if they were successful or not.

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  • Michael September 17, 20167:33 am

    I have a Gigabyte lga775 mobo and a x5460 cpu. I also updated the micro code to the latest micro codes 10676. My cpu’s frequency stays above 63% and doesn’t dip below this point. Why does it do this?

  • stefano November 11, 20161:48 pm

    Salve, mi chiamo Stefano, ne capisco poco, ho una scheda madre asus P5KPL-AM ed una cpu xeon E5472 posso montarla? O devo cambiare bios, settaggi o roba varia? Grazie.

  • jeffrey November 12, 20163:18 pm

    i have a ms 7693 motherboard. will my mother run a amd cpu amd fx-8350 4ghz?

    • I Tell The Truth & Only The Truth February 5, 20179:42 am

      No, The Result Of Doing Is The Complete Destruction Of Our planet & You NOR I Would Like this.Period.

    • I Tell The Truth & Only The Truth February 5, 20179:44 am

      I Almost forgot To Tell You, I Never Lie. Period.

  • awais November 17, 201611:28 pm

    hey guys please please tell me that is intel core i3 6100 compatible with intel DQ45CB motherboard or not, please reply me I need help!!!!!!!

  • Fire November 28, 20166:02 am

    Hi, somebody try Xeon E5450 or L5408 on Supermicro PDSMI+ (FSB 1066) ?

    • aezae February 8, 20175:54 am

      yup :) ;)

      • aezae February 8, 20175:55 am

        it works good go for it

  • samuel-0815 December 3, 201610:51 am

    Hi, thanks for the great guide! I just wanted to report that I tried running an X5460 C0 on an Abit IP35 Pro. Basically it seems to support the processor with (I tried the BIOS versions 17 and 18beta, also inserted microcodes) but the entire µGuru section of the BIOS including OC settings, voltage control and Fan control is NOT working. I also asked around in the 771mod thread and no one could help me there either. Abit also has a program called µGuru, which has no official support for Win 8+ and keeps crashing in my case. However before it crashes, it actually is able to change OC settings so maybe if someone fiddles around with it, it could work.

  • Aseto December 22, 20165:43 am

    google can’t find my motherboard model “ASUS P5GC-TVM-SI”
    Please help me!! I’m gonna buy a new intel core 2 duo E6600 for this mainboard .
    Thank You!

  • vish December 30, 20162:04 am

    Please Tell Me How I know Which Motherborad Support Whic processor

  • Imanuel Etus January 8, 20173:35 am

    Hi, is there anyone in here had tried plug in xeon e5450 with ASROCK G41M-VS3 R2.0 motherboard and successfully booted?
    because mine cannot post just blank screen, already done updating newest bios and adding the microcode but still no sign of post, then i tried try using other modded bios from this website
    still no luck. Is it because of this mobo + xeon had issue with my ddr3 1333mhz ram or this would be a faulty xeon e5450?. Hopefully someone can help me out

    xeon e5450 spec:
    hard modded no need sticker, slbbm, e0 stepping

  • ritesh January 11, 20176:28 am

    how to possible use for coral draw x5 in AMD sempron 140 2.71 ghz processor + gigabyte AM+ motherboard and 2 GB Ram DDR-2


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