LGA 771 to 775 Adapter (MOD) – Run faster Xeon CPUs in a Core 2 Quad motherboard



Motherboard Compatibility

There are two requirements that your motherboard must meet in order to be able to run LGA 771 Xeon processors:

  1. You must have an LGA 775 motherboard with a compatible chipset.
  2. Your bios must support an LGA 775 CPU that's similar to the Xeon you want to run.

We'll explain how to verify these things in the sections below. And later in this guide, there's also a list of motherboards that have been tested with this MOD.

First, make sure your motherboard's chipset is compatible

The chipset we're talking about here is technically called the Northbridge chipset. You can usually find what chipset your motherboard has by looking at its specification list.

Chipset compatibility table

Note: For known compatibility issues and more details, please see the bullet points (which are shown right after the table).

Xeons that are compatible with each chipset
Chipset5xxx Series3xxx Series45nm65nm
P45, P43, P35, P31, P965
G45, G43, G41, G35, G33, G31
nForce 790i, 780i, 740i, 630i
GeForce 9400, 9300
Q45, Q43, Q35, Q33
X48, X38
nForce 680i and 650iYesYesMaybe
(see below)

If you don't need more details about the topics shown above, you can skip ahead to the next section: Next, make sure your BIOS supports a similar LGA 775 CPU.

What do 5xxx series and 3xxx series mean?

By 5xxx series we mean any Xeon whose model number ends in 5xxx (this includes all the E5xxx, X5xxx, and L5xxx processors).

Issues with Intel brand motherboards

Note: This information only applies to motherboards actually manufactured by Intel. We haven't heard of any problems with ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, or any other brands.

Some motherboards made by Intel don't work with this mod

For some reason, some Intel brand motherboards that have a compatible chipset and support a similar LGA 775 processor do not work with this mod (please see the list of tested motherboards for the model numbers).

It may not be possible to update the CPU microcode on an Intel brand motherboard

This is sometimes needed to install Windows 8.1 64-bit or to enable all of the CPU features (like Speedstep, SSE 4.1, or VT-X). The older non-E0 stepping processors often don't need a microcode update to enable these features, so if you do try it, buy one of those.

The reason this may not be possible is because Intel has their own proprietary BIOS that nobody currently knows how to MOD (even by manually hex editing the BIOS).

Nvidia's nForce 680i and 650i chipsets don't officially support 45nm quad core processors

Some motherboards with these chipsets have worked with 45nm quad core Xeons, and some haven't (please see the list of tested motherboards for more details). This is likely due to some motherboards unofficially supporting 45nm quad core processors.

My chipset isn't listed here. Will this work for my motherboard?

The mod will still likely work if your BIOS supports a similar LGA 775 processor.

If you do try it, please let us know how it goes by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

Our guess as to why some chipsets don't support the 5xxx series Xeons (but do support the 3xxx series)

Xeons with model numbers that end in 5xxx are allowed to be used in motherboards that support 1 or 2 physical processors (this is called dual-processor support). However, the 3xxx series Xeons cannot be used in a multi-processor system (they're labeled as supporting uni-processor configurations only).

The E0 stepping E5440 and X3363 Xeons both have the same CPUID (1067A), which means they're both made from the same silicon and are basically the same internally. Additionally, there's no noticeable difference between them (other than one has dual-processor support), so it looks like this could be causing the problem. Some chipsets may be checking for this and may be blocking the system from booting.

Next, make sure your BIOS supports a similar LGA 775 CPU

Important: Make sure you only buy Xeon processors with a FSB and TDP supported by your motherboard.

How the compatibility table shown below works

Hopefully the table shown below is pretty self explanatory, but here's an explanation if it isn't. Each row shows an LGA 775 processor in the 1st column. If your motherboard and BIOS support that processor, you can run the LGA 771 Xeons shown in the second column (if your chipset supports it).

You should only buy Xeons with a FSB and TDP less than or equal to the values shown (unless your motherboard supports higher).

If your motherboard and BIOS support the following CPU:You can run these Xeons (if supported by chipset):Max FSB
(unless motherboard supports higher)
(unless motherboard supports higher)
Core 2 Quad Q9650Any 45nm quad core Xeon133395WView Xeons
Core 2 Quad Q9550SAny 45nm quad core Xeon with a TDP of 65 W or lower133365WView Xeons
Core 2 Quad Q6700Any 65nm quad core Xeon106695WView Xeons
Core 2 Duo E8600Any 45nm dual core Xeon133365WView Xeons
Core 2 Duo E6850Any 65nm dual core Xeon133365WView Xeons

For a list of all the compatible Xeons, their features, and current prices, visit this page.

If you don't need more details about the topics shown above, you can skip ahead to the next section: Recommended LGA 771 Xeon processors.

Some Xeons have a higher FSB or TDP* than their similar LGA 775 CPU

* TDP is a measure of how much heat your processor's cooling system will have to handle.

Because of this, you need to make sure your motherboard supports the FSB and TDP of the Xeon you're buying. Some motherboards will not boot processors with a TDP over 95W (or 65W for low power boards).

TDPs for some common Xeon processors
  • L54xx series has a max TDP of 50W
  • E54xx series has a max TDP of 80W
  • X54xx series with a 1333 FSB has a max TDP of 120W
  • X54x2 series with a 1600 FSB has a max TDP of 150W

How to check what TDP your motherboard supports

Our list of tested motherboards (shown later in this guide) has max TDP numbers for many motherboards, so you should check there first.

If your motherboard isn't in our list, a good way to check if your motherboard supports 120W and above processors is to check its CPU support list. If your system supports overclocking or extreme edition processors (like the 130W QX9650), you should be able to run the 120W X54xx series Xeons (the 150W ones will also probably work). However, if your system only supports the 95W Q6600 with a G0 stepping (and not the 105W B3 stepping), your system may only support 95W and lower processors.

If you aren't sure what TDP your motherboard supports, I'd recommend going with the 95W and lower Xeons only.

How to check what LGA 775 processors your motherboard supports

If you're unsure what LGA 775 processors your motherboard supports, please read the following article: How to Check if Your Motherboard Supports a Specific Processor.

Be careful if you have a prebuilt system (like a Dell)

Prebuilt computers (like Dell) sometimes use different motherboards (depending on what parts come with the system), and the motherboards may not support the same processors, so you'll need to figure out which motherboard you have.

You should be able to find the model number with CPU-Z.

Right now, the following 45nm Harpertown Xeons with a 1333 FSB seem to be the best deals. These are quad core and have high multipliers (ratios), which means they should also overclock easily.

For more prices and detailed specs on all of the Xeons, visit this page.

2,305 Responses

  • Juergen June 3, 20199:36 am

    works this modifikation with the Motherboard Foxconn 946GZ7MA-8KS2H?
    I can not find a update for the bios.

    Thanks in advance

  • Nathan Swann June 14, 20194:50 pm

    Need a bios update for the xeon to work on my asus p5k premium motherboard?

  • Delgrand July 3, 20194:43 am

    E5450 (E0) tested in P5E-VM HDMI, working perfectly (microcodes applied previously)

  • AnJy July 13, 201910:25 am

    Was able to get a xeon e5450 working with as asus P5QL-VM DO motherboard

  • Andreas July 16, 20191:04 pm

    E5472 works on Asus P5k EPU after Microcode update. Fsb 1600 MHz, 4 x 3GHz, RAM 4×2 GB on 1066 MHz. No other OCing applied

    • Andreas July 16, 20191:17 pm

      I forgot to mention, I had to uninstall all cores separately in device manager after the upgrade (reboot only after uninstalling the last) because it was still showing the previous cpu in Windows, even though it showed the right one on boot screen and in bios. After reboot the right cpu installed automatically. One final sidenote: while inserting the new Microcode with the recommended Programme, there was a Message like: storage capacity is full or something. So first I had to delete one other Microcode, after which I succeeded in inserting the new Microcode. The one I chose for deleting was the one with the oldest date, probably the one for celerons. So these oldest processors won’t work now on my machine, no problem for me.

  • Flint July 18, 201912:00 am


    Xeon x5472 worked 16GB DDR3 running 1600MHz Fast
    Supper fast

  • Vath July 30, 20198:07 pm

    Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4, Rev 2.0, bios F12 works with Xeon E5420 (Harpertown E0, FSB 333, 45 nm, 1067A). Used method 2 for microcode update.

  • eddy August 11, 20196:05 pm

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P

    Xeon X5470 Worked after Bios-update to F12!

    • AnJy August 16, 201912:12 pm

      I’ve got this wierd problem with this mod. I was able to get a xeon e5450 working on an asus p5ql-vm do motherboard. And after several days the the computer turns on but gives no signal or mouse and keyboard input. The only way the fix this issue is taking the processor out and cleaning the lga pads with 90% alcohol. I have a set of pentiums which both work instantly without cleaning and if i just reseat the xeon it still wont post. The problem is that its just annoying to have to take it out every week or so when it stops booting.

  • LUPINtheTHIRD August 15, 20194:45 am

    Asus P5KPL-CM, Xeon L5410 SLAP4 working after adding microcode and updating bios to latest on asus website. Unable to overclock it neither of 1Mhz (dont know why prime95 reporting error when modifing BUS FREQUENCY)

  • Kevin August 16, 20192:36 am

    Hello there! Please, I have 2 motherboards:

    – ASRock G31M-GS
    – ASRock G41M-VS3

    I would want to put a Xeon x5450 in each. Is it possible? What about the TDP?

    e5450 have lower TDP but is a little bit expensive than x5450 (and x5450 there isn’t in my country, need to buy from ali or ebay).


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